Monday, 1 July 2013

Business Soul Cares - Ndabezinhle Creche

Ndabezinhle Creche holds a special place in the heart of Business Soul Accounting cc. We have been supporting the creche as a part of our social upliftment 'Business Soul Cares' program. Education is important to us.
Ndabezinhle Creche has been running in Imbutshane, Sweetwaters, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Nelly Ngubane, the principle, saw a need in the community to help children who were been left to wander the streets. Parents had to work and did not know what to do with their children doing the day. Nelly received proper training and bravely started the creche in the community. Her passion and love for the children touched us.
A word from the Principal, Ms Nelly Ngubane: “Ndabezinhle Crèche serves the people of Imbutshane which is a small place with a big need. It suffers with lots of poverty. Most of the teenagers have got children. Some of the children are orphans. Others grow up in a bad space where they get lots of abuse by parents and relatives. I teach my pupils values of good life and all about God, discipline, caring and love. They develop skills, and are prepared for big school. If Ndabezinhle Crèche was not there, one 3 year old child would have stayed with only a dog all day; another only had a Granny who couldn’t feed her; and another lives with an unemployed mother. Our crèche provides all our children with breakfast and lunch.”
Imbutshane is an area where 1/3 of the people are employed, 1/3 unemployed and 1/3 unemployable (according to government statistics). Parents really battle to pay Crèche fees, but are encouraged to contribute something. It costs about R352.00 per child per month to operate the Crèche, and we enroll about 30 children annually.
This photo shows the road to Ndabezinhle Creche. The children walk here everyday along this road. This is a winter photo, when it is dry. Imagine the same road after the heavy and consistent rain we have in these parts. The area becomes a muddy swamp, with pools of water. We are working on improving this road before summer.

Ndabezinhle Creche is a registered non-profit organisation. We at Business Soul Accounting are privileged to be able to contribute into these young peoples lives. We are so blessed to see there joyful development and Nelly's faithful service.